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Opt for a house by the sea in UK

Sports enthusiast: opt for a house by the sea in UK

Whether you are purchasing a four-bedroom flat, a cottage or country house by the sea on, prices are always marked up to cater to the proximity to the water body. Research shows that the rates of more than 66%…

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Best Ways To Get The Perfect Slim Body

If you want to lose weight, forget counting calories and following fad diets. Just take care of four basic things – food, exercise, lifestyle, and your commitment to lose weight. Weight loss is guaranteed if you eat healthy food, exercise,…

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Safe Summer Fun Series – Part 4: PEDAL POWER

PEDAL POWER: Summer is the perfect time for long bike rides with friends! Riding a bicycle lets you go where you want to go using your own muscle power. Never forget that a bicycle is not a toy. If it is not…

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2012 Olympic Games – Slim’s Fun Facts for Kids!

Hi there – I’m having such a great time watching the 2012 Summer Olympics with my family! I’m using it as an opportunity to teach my son about the importance of sportsmanship, setting goals and working hard to achieve them….

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Keep Kids Active this Summer

Explain the importance of staying active and moving all summer long with this easy-to-understand explanation of the HEART’s important role in our bodies. “Your heart is a very special muscle. Your heart does not move any bones. Your heart’s job is…

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