Safe Summer Fun Series – Part 4: PEDAL POWER

PEDAL POWER: Summer is the perfect time for long bike rides with friends! Riding a bicycle lets you go where you want to go using your own muscle power. Never forget that a bicycle is not a toy. If it is not in good shape, it can be dangerous to ride. To be sure your bike is safe, do a safety check before you pedal off. If anything is wrong, ask a grown-up to help fix the problem. Here is how to do a full Bike Safety Check in 9 Easy Steps: 1) Check your tires. Do they need air? 2) Check the brakes. Do they stop the wheels from moving? 3) Check your handlebars. Are they tight and straight? 4) Check your lights. Is there one in front and one in back? 5) Check your bell or horn. Is it working? 6) Check your seat. Is it on tight and at the right height? 7) Check the pedals. Is anything caught in them? 8) Check the wheels. Are any spokes broken or missing? 9) Check the chain. Is it well oiled? If all 9 questions answer "YES", then you are good to go!

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