Sarah grew up watching Slim Goodbody and now takes her daughter, Heather to see his live shows. Read all about why and how she keeps the healthy habits alive in her family through Slim Goodbody…

I grew up in the 80’s with health conscious parents and PBS television. For me, my brothers, and sister, Slim Goodbody was FUN T.V! For my parents it was a stepping stone to learning. Now, as a parent I want my daughter to have the same « quality programming » that PBS was once famous for and I try to seek out the classic episodes from my childhood.  My daughter, Heather was 2 when she first asked « How does my body make blood? » and each answer led to more questions…I knew I was in for it! So, I looked up and found the live shows. When we were sitting there during the show and Slim started singing « Down, Down, Down… » The first thought in my mind was of the episode from The Inside Story about Digestion and (after looking it up for accuracy) the story of William Beaumont and the Human Digestion System. We are a music-oriented family and the songs from Slim’s Bodiology CD are the first choice on car rides. Each song sparks a conversation on how the body works. I love how Slim always goes into the details on each subject…the kids think it is fun but even if they don’t realize it, he is getting them to THINK about what he is singing…that’s just how songs work! 🙂 Growing up with Slim Goodbody made it easy to talk about how the body works. It set up an open communication about normal body function and was a great ice breaker for the tougher subjects of growing up. I hope that by starting early to talk about normal body development that my now 5 year old will ALWAYS feel open to talking about changes she goes through during her life. Right now its « Am I tall enough for the water slide? » or « When will my 1st tooth fall out? » but let’s be honest…the real questions are yet to come! 🙂

Thank you for being there for us Slim!

Sarah and Heather – Floral City, FL