Making Nutrition Fun for Kids

Are you struggling with how to teach your children and/or students about healthy eating habits? Nutrition can be fun with the new MyPlate Super Hero puppet designed by Slim Goodbody himself!

Use the MyPlate Super Hero puppet to bring your nutrition lessons to life. Suggestions for using this colorful hand puppet to help present interactive lessons are featured on our MyPlate educational resources website.

Keep Kids Active this Summer

Explain the importance of staying active and moving all summer long with this easy-to-understand explanation of the HEART’s important role in our bodies.

« Your heart is a very special muscle. Your heart does not move any bones. Your heart’s job is to pump blood. Blood brings food and oxygen to every cells in your body. Moving all that blood is a big job. You have trillions of cells. To get all these cells what they need, your heart must beat abouteighty times every minute. It even beats when you are asleep. Open and close your hand eighty times quickly. Does it make your hand muscles tired? Can you imagine doing this every minute of every day? Your heart does it. Your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body!

Exercise can save your heart more than a half a million beats each year! When your heart gets stronger, it pumps more blood with each beat. This makes your heart healthier. »

Remember When…?

In this post on popular blog, DADS GOOD « The Best of Daddy Bloggers », author Chris Illuminati vividly recalls finding out that Slim Goodbody would be coming to his school. Did Slim visit your elementary school back in the day?
« Cue flashback! It was 1984. One of my favorite TV shows at the time was The Slim Goodbody Show. Slim was this jeri-curled, nice guy with a full body suit that had the interior of the human body painted on it so kids could learn how the body worked….Anyway, there was just something awesome about Slim and his songs. 
One afternoon, in the middle of a second grade lesson about whatever it is that people teach a second grader, the teacher announced there would be a special assembly the following week. Slim Goodbody would be coming to our school. What? What did she just say? I asked some classmates around me because I thought I was hallucinating. 
No hallucinations. Slim was coming. I was a head case for the entire week. “Slim Goodbody is coming to MY SCHOOL” I’d tell anyone that would listen, which was pretty much all my friends at school, who already knew the news and didn’t seem as ecstatic. I didn’t care. I loved Slim and it would be the greatest school day ever… »
Chris – Thanks for the walk down memory lane! You can enjoy his full post here.