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Slim's Message to America's youth: "Your body is full of wonders. That makes you wonderful. Respect and love yourself. You are a miracle".

In 1975, John Burstein created the Slim Goodbody character to help him teach healthy living aboard the Floating Hospital in New York. Five years later, the character exploded on PBS with its first television series, The Inside Story. Today, donning his signature body suit, Slim Goodbody continues to educate America's youth by combining humor, music and incredible visuals into an inspiring performance on the National Bodyology Tour.

Slim Goodbody has entertained children with his exciting and enlightening shows for 37 years. Currently, his programs air on over 120 public TV stations nationwide, he has authored more than a dozen children's books and has created lots of new spin-off characters, enhancing his full K-8 school health curriculum.

With his lighthearted approach to solving serious issues like childhood obesity, Slim Goodbody has garnered thousands of press mentions over the last four decades, in notable publications such as: The New York Times, People Magazine, Parent's Magazine, Prevention and USA Today.

Standing the test of time, Slim Goodbody has won many prestigious awards including: Parent's Choice Gold Award, President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports award for "Healthy American Fitness Leader", International Film and TV Festival of NY Award Winner, American Association for World Health Honors and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

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