Thursday, August 2, 2012

Calling all Slim Goodbody fans!

Calling all Slim Goodbody Fans, past and present!
Did you watch Slim on PBS back in the day? Do you take your kids to see his live shows now? If so, we want to meet you and feature you in a new series, "Slim Goodbody Fan of the Month!"

Three Ways to Enter:

1) Get Creative! Post photos demonstrating why you are Slim's 
biggest fan on our Facebook Page (ideas: wearing the body suit, at a show, 
holding his old records, etc.)

2) Leave a comment here on our blog telling us your favorite Slim Goodbody moment

3) Send us an email with photos and/or memories of Slim to:

Monthly Winners Receive:
1) An autographed photo of Slim
2) A Slim Goodbody T-shirt
3) A shout-out on here our Blog and FB Page

We are currently searching for our 1st Slim Fan of the Month, so enter now!

1 comment:

  1. I remember always waiting to see if the next program "title card" between shows would say "Well, Well, Well" or not. I could hardly read, but I knew what "Well, Well, Well" looked like. It was always my favorite show!
    If you ever put your shows onto DVD you have a buyer! I would love to have my children grow up watching, too.